Music For Zen Meditation

Music for Zen meditation is a 1964 album by African-American jazz clarinet player Tony Scott. His music for meditation is considered to be an outstanding introduction to the practice of meditation. It focuses on the need to remain in tune with the "flow" of life. It also helps to free one's mind from negative emotions and offers a "cooling" effect on active meditation. Music for Zen meditation is available in many forms. Some musicians like to use it as a musical aid for meditation. This has become popularized with the popularity of such music gurus such as Gautama Buddha. Others, however, use meditation as an altogether new age music philosophy, concerned with achieving enlightenment. Zen masters like lineage gurus, or teachers, approach meditation as a life long quest, which requires musicians like them to learn the techniques of Zen meditation from experienced Zen masters. The resulting music for meditation is much slower and mellower than traditional Zen music. Many types of music for Zen meditation can be found on the internet. Two of these types are githyas (traditional Japanese music) and koto (Tibetan Buddhist music). Githyas, which have been called the "time of the music" by Buddhists, has been used to help prepare and transition into meditative states. Many westerners find githyas soothing and choose to use it during meditation. Some both types, however, are used in chanting meditation. Brian Eno is another example of a great Zen musician. His experimentation with sounds began at the age of seven when he was inspired by a parrot called Jacuzzi Boy. Brian took it upon himself to turn this wild bird into a beloved minimalist piece called "Whole". In the mid eighties, he went on to make music for meditation geared towards a more therapeutic approach to the art of meditation. Today, Brian eno's work is available through many websites. There are websites that focus entirely on his work, and there are also websites where you can listen to his ambient music. Among his most well-known pieces are the songs, "A Boy Brushed Red In The Face", "A Woman In White", and "A Charming Childhood Fait". Some of his more recent recordings include pieces such as "ENDPARAM